Car wrapping

We have been in the car wrapping sector for 10 years, we’ve wrapped a lot of cars, from supercars to citycars: we would be excited to wrap your car!

We select films of the best brands. You can choose from thousands of colors and finishes like matte, satin, gloss, metallized, chrome, pearl, fluorescent, chameleon, 3d texture (carbon , leather, velvet, wood).

It is possible to print on films, so you can personalize your vehicle as you want! [discover more]

    After the purchase of a new car, the wrap guarantees an optimal preservation of the original body paint.

    Purchasing a used car, wrapping allows you to make a cheaper color change than a complete painting.

    After removing the vinyl, you will find the bodywork in its original state without residues.

    All our works are guaranteed for 3 years (excluding the manufacturer’s warranties).

    Some characteristics of car wrapping films.

    adaptable to every shape

    it keeps all the properties during time

    it resists low and high temperatures.

    the film can be removed without altering the original paint.

    protects the paint and is highly resistant

    non flammable (certified by factories).

    it can be washed at the car wash, with due care.

    in case of damage by accident, the films can be easily replaced only on the damaged part.